Fede Ratier

Ideas, thoughts and some other stuff

Well, hello there, another blog platform that probably no one will ever use. But why do it then?

I want to have a space where I can try new things, I can collect some reutilizable components for other small projects, try new libraries without risking the actual production environments of the projects I work on.

I had mainly one requirement: go Serverless as possible and have the chance to completely customize it.

Why not Gatsby?

Gatsby is great, but I felt that it had too many things I wouldn't use, starting from the static page generator and also had a setup overhead that I preferred spending on my own thingy.

What's next step?

I'm going to continue working on this, for now this is what I could achieve in a couple of hours. The source is uploaded in Github and until I consider it's actually usefull it certainly won't have any release version. For now: this is experimental crap.

Can you contribute?

Yes, obviously, create issues, PR's, whatever you consider would be good enough to let you use it.

Home made with ❤️ and completely serverless using Next.js & DynamoDB.
Check it out at Github